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Build Fan Engagement And Gain Strategic Insights In Real Time On Game Day


A Bit About Us

Who Are We: We are a young, motivated company based out of Iowa City. Our team consists of hard-working University of Iowa students and alumni who come from a variety of different educational backgrounds but share one common goal, improving the fan experience by providing better analytics to professional sports teams.

What We Do: Fantastikk helps teams capture customer data while rewarding their most loyal fans with points. Teams can use the data to understand the driving factors behind their fans' purchasing habits through movement patterns, what periods are items selling best, and a variety of other useful analytical insights. Fans can redeem their points at concessions, on merch, or anything else your team is willing to reward them with. Our solution gives your team better insights while creating a stronger sense of community within your fanbase.

Our Software: Our software consists of a two-way interface. On the team's end, you can see the analytics behind gameday purchases. Insightful graphs will help you understand how you should conduct your marketing efforts in the best possible manner. 

On the Fan side, they will be able to see what promotions are currently being offered, order food from concessions, and be notified when it is ready for pickup, access your fan shop, and redeem points accumulated from all their purchases in your stadium.


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