Our Story

Fantastikk was created during the University of Iowa Start-Up Games Weekend. The goal of the program was to take an idea, conduct customer discovery, and pitch your potential business venture. Our team agreed upon one common goal, improving the fan experience while finding a solution for professional sports teams to increase their revenue off of fans already in the stadium. After placing 3rd in the competition we got to work and conduct customer interviews with teams and fans to find a unique offering. Today, we are staying true to our mission and aim to improve the fan experience by providing better analytics to professional sports teams through a customer loyalty program.

Image by Joshua Peacock

The Team

One thing business has in common with sports is that they are both teams driven. We have actively scouted the best talent the University of Iowa has to offer and have built a strong team and surrounded ourselves with experienced coaches.


4th-year Entrepreneurial Management and Marketing Professional Sales student with a certificate in leadership. His focus is on marketing/branding, project management, and ideation.

3rd-year Finance student focused on customer discovery, PR, and customer relations.

3rd-year Enterprise Leadership student focused on organizational oversight, team management, and communication specialist.

4th year Accounting student focused on financial forecasting, budget allocation, and accounting.

2nd-year Political Science and Economics student focused on graphic design, problem-solving, and marketing.

Gregg comes to our team with over 25 years of executive leadership experience.

Kevin is a former general manager of Quad Cities River Bandits and professor of management and entrepreneurship at the University of Iowa.

Packy is a sports and Recreation management specialist from the University of Iowa.

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Pictured From Left to Right:
Blake Quarrie, James Trainor, John Koch, Andrew Gippert, Alex Heffel